Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The old me....where is she!?!?!?

To think who I use to be 10-11 years ago still floors me. I look at myself now and wonder what happened to that girl. I was a competitive gymnast for 12 years and also a 3 time all-American cheerleader in high school. I mean come on, look at the air in those jumps! (Don’t mind the misplaced arms- we are only looking at the flexibility and air remember haha). If I tried any of these maneuvers today we could only imagine what limb I would break. I know I will never be able to do what I use to be able too, but I need to focus on the fit aspect of who I use to be. I was always involved in sports (Yes cheerleading IS a sport), I was always active, had some major muscles, never got out of breath (even after I throw up in front of the whole area during a cheerleading competition)..... I am determined to get back close to this. I want to WANT to go to the gym, be active and have some muscle definition again. Although all this padding is good for falling on ski slopes or down the stairs-ultimately it’s not good for much anything else!  Dear inner 18 year old Kari- I am coming for you!

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