Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It is all about the TaTas!!

We said we would be open about this journey, so let me just tell ya-- the worst part about working out for me is finding an outfit and bra that won't make me injure myself on the elliptical!

If you don't have this problem, I envy you! I like the girls, really I do, but I find the ordeal of securing my front side to be a huge barrier to me getting from bed to the gym in under 15 minutes. Currently I wear the Enell Sports Bra, which has been featured in "The Biggest Loser" and costs around $60. There are literally at least twenty hook and eye clasps up the front, effectively squishing me as flat as possible. But I struggle with it at 5:30 am and feel sometimes like I am wearing a corset.

I just ordered a sports bra from Old Navy for $20 that got great reviews, so I will let you know how much bruising I have after that trial run! (I don't actually run yet, more try to look smooth on the elliptical while trying not to catch my earphone wire on something because I am secretly dancing and throwing myself off balance) :)

A site that took time to rate and review sports bras for those well endowed:
Check it out!

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