Friday, January 13, 2012

Weigh in #1

First weigh in since the start of the BLOG. Lost 1.8 which is a total of....... 8.4 lbs. Gotta keep truckin'! Some people are scared or feel like they don't want to go to the meetings but I am telling you, they really do help. Our leader is so motivating and everyone always has different ideas, foods, meals, exercises. It truly is beneficial. If you decide to ever try weight watchers I totally recommend the meetings :)

I need to keep focused. I need to remember the big picture. I am a person who wants things NOW. I am an only child who (yes I am admitting it) has been spoiled. When I want things I want them right then and there. If I don't get them, I normally lose interest. This is certainly something I need to work hard on changing especially within my weight loss journey. Last night I was thinking "I only last 1.8...that's good but I want more". Once I totaled how much I have lost altogether (8.4) I kept saying "its so close to 10- I need to hit 10". I need to remember small steps.

Janice, the leader, was reading a positive saying about how she has earned eating healthy and has earned the way her body looks today. The words she was speaking hit me in a different way. When she kept repeating "I have earned this body" I was thinking that I have earned my body. I am the one who made myself unhealthy, I am the only one to blame and I and only I can change this. I have earned this and it is time for me to earn a healthy body. Its now or never.

I have so many life changing moments that are going to be taking place this year, why not add this to it? I will be graduating with my Bachelor's degree and done with school in March, I will be turning 30 in April, one of my best friends is getting married in June andddddd I will be skinny and healthy! This totally fits! LOL


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