Friday, January 13, 2012

Walk Away From the Pizza

If you know me at all, you know the love affair I have with Aniello's Pizzeria.  It is at least a Friday night ritual in our household.  Our order tonight?  Large pizza, half pepperoni; 2 orders garlic knots; 1 chicken parm sub.  Delish-- all of it. 

I had half of the sub...and walked away!  There was a time I would have had maybe half the sub and two pieces of pizza, and then be upset with myself after.

But tonight-- I walked away from the pizza! 
1. It was a good choice.
2. We had Woodhouse for lunch
3. I didn't work out today

So I will track it, drink some water, and feel a little bit stronger because I think willpower and I are finally starting a relationship!!!


  1. Dan is not sure if he should be jealous or supportive of all these relationships.

  2. Willpower is a good friend for me to have!