Thursday, January 26, 2012

Beware the curse of eating out!

So tonight we went to The Olive Garden, and as I looked over the menu I actually panicked! What in the heck am I going to eat? How many points is there in this...or that?!? I happened to be texting my partner in crime Kari about her weigh in (by the way--someone is not blogging!!) and she suggested the ravioli with portobello. I ended up asking for the nutritional guide, which they provide (also gives Gluten Free choices) to see what kind of trouble I was getting into.

Holy fat batman!!

Chicken Caesar Salad--40 g of fat! Portobello Alfredo with Fettucini-- 21 freaking points!!!!

1 delicious breadstick--4 points! Augh-- what am I going to do?

So I pondered, and I think drove our server crazy. I ended up having Cappellini Pomodoro (12) and Salad with dressing, no croutons (8) and one is the loneliest number breadstick (4). My dinner was a whopping--hold please for crappy mental math-- 24 points.

Frustrating. But-- we can't live our lives being fearful of the unexpected. Next time-- I will be prepared. Or, I could actually have remembered to put our dinner in the crockpot and saved myself this torment.

Either way, life goes on and so do I! Until next time...



  1. Great job Laura! 40g of fat is insane!!! I happen to love the Capellini Pomodoro at Olive Garden - so fresh tasting! <3 Erin

  2. Thanks sista!! Having the image of us sitting on the beach with cocktails is a great motivator!